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There are many options how to spend your vacation. You can go with friends out of town “to barbecue” or to the country to “hump” in the garden, you can go on a “mattress” vacation, or you can stay at home – watch a TV series and drink beer. It all depends on the amount of time, money and, above all, on your desire.

We prefer hiking in the mountains. After all, it is far from civilization that your mind switches and rests, and the body comes into tone from constant physical exertion. In the hike you recharge your batteries and make new friends. By the number of impressions, one hiking day can be more interesting and richer than months of ordinary life. After all, life is measured by the number of memories, not by the days lived. That is why we go hiking ourselves and invite you to join us!

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We always try to do a little more than we promise. For example, to give a useful gift in memory of the trip. We are also forming a network of partners who have discounts (from 10%) for the backstage. More than 20 tourist equipment shops and climbing walls are at your service.

Over the years we have laid routes around the globe: from the Carpathians to the Himalayas. You will definitely find a trip to your liking.

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If the manager has given the go-ahead to purchase tickets, you don’t have to worry that the hike will take place. Even if other participants refuse, we will find an alternative option for you or conduct the hike for you personally.

The numbers speak for themselves. We opened the world of mountains for more than 12000 participants in more than 1500 hikes. The vast majority – 97.8% – were satisfied and recommend us to their friends. You will like it too.

Call, write - we will help you to decide on the program and prepare for hiking, climbing or rafting.

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